(API) Tracking Functions

List of all javascript functions

The following functions are part of our API v2.0 roll out. Over time these functions will replace all old javascript functions.

Important: Please note that you will need to be on Aimtell Tracking Code Version 3.934 or higher in order to take advantage of these functions. You may find out your current version by logging into your dashboard and going to View Websites > Edit > Installation/Tracking.

_at.track("alias", {"user" : "name or id", "email" : "email" });

Description: Associates an alias against the push subscriber for simplified server-side tracking
You may pass the "user" field and/or the "email" field. All emails are automatically hashed.

_at.track("alias", {"user" : "jack17"});

_at.track("event", {"category" : "A", "action" : "B", "label": "C", "value" : D });

Description: Tracks an event against the current subscriber
Category & Action are required. Label and value are optional.

_at.track("event", {
  "category" : "Item", 
  "action" : "Purchased", 
  "label": "Blue Shoes", 
  "value" : 33 

_at.track("attribute", {"attribute" : "value"});

Tracks custom attribute(s) against the subscriber

_at.track("attribute", {"age" : "35", "name":"david"});